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I am going to be a teaching assistant for Theory of Computation next semester. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works from a teaching perspective!

I enjoy a variety of sports, epecially middle-distance and long-distance running. I placed 3rd in the Women’s 800m and 4th in Women’s 1500m in annual sport meet on campus. I also finished in the top 30 out of thousands of participants in the Tsinghua University Mini Marathon (4.2km) and Campus Marathon (10km).

I am an active member of a running club. Here is a picture of our club members. We organize club activities three times a week.

I was the class leader of Yao Class 91 during my sophomore year.

My roommates Ziqing Huang (NLP), Mengdi Wu (computer systems and compilers) and Yaxin Tu (theory) are also outstanding researchers in their areas. They are a great part of my undergraduate experience!