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Course Projects

MPC with Amortized Linear Communication Cost [pdf]

  • Course project of Secure Multiparty Computation.
  • We proposed an MPC protocol that achieves the same communication complexity as the best-known protocol in [GLS19]. Our protocol is easier to understand than the protocol in [GLS19].

Non-Black-Box Simulation [pdf]

  • Course project of Fundamentals of Cryptography.
  • A review for the paper How to Go Beyond the Black-Box Simulation Barrier.
  • We gained a better understanding of zero-knowledge protocols and how non-black-box simulation can help us achieve zero-knowledge.

Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) [pdf]

  • Course project of Logic, Computation and Games.
  • We learned the connection between PDL and Public Announcement Language (PAL).
  • We used PDL to derive some recursion axioms of PAL, one of which is equivalent to but simpler than the axiom shown in the class.